About me

Okay team, now it’s time for a little exposition.. Stay with me!

I came up with this idea after I attended the Avignon Theatre Festival in 2015. I had just finished my junior year of a Musical Theatre degree in the US and was traveling through Europe for the first time in my life. I was traveling solo, which was a huge bout of stress for my anxiety prone mother, but gave me the opportunity to meet other solo travelers! I met travelers from all  corners of the globe. We all grew up with different cultures and families but had traveled to Avignon for one thing and one thing only, to feed our love of the arts.

Before we get into it - bet you’re excited now - a little bit about me. My name is Katie, and as I bet you could have guessed, I am Canadian born and raised. When I started attending theatre school in America a Canadian friend of mine commented that it seemed as though I “really wanted everyone to know that I was Canadian”. I laughed, but she was totally right. My Canadian-ism (?) was a complete point of pride for me. Not only did it make me different, but I truly do love my country and would not want to hail from any other land. I have a tattoo of a maple leaf on my left forearm to truly just hit the nail on the head.

I attended Webster Conservatory of the Performing arts - or as we called it to be incredibly cool, Webco - where I graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre!

Katie Miller